Natural Organic Carrot Broth (Beta-Carotene)


Ingredients: Water, Carrot (19%), Leek, Extra virgin olive oil, Celery, Sea Salt.

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The Beta-carotene (Provitamin A):

It becomes retinol (Vitamin A) in our organism.

The Vitamin A:

Also know as retinol it is a necessary element for our organismo and contributes to:

  • Natural human iron metablism.
  • Maintenance of mucous membranes, skin and vision.
  • Normal functioning of the immune system and the process of cell differentiation.

One serving provides you the equivalent of 38% of the recommended daily quantity of Vitamin A.

Calories 41 kJ / 10 kcal por 100ml
Protein 0,5 g for 100ml
Carbohydrates 1 g for 100ml
Carbohydrates of which sugar 0,4 g for100ml
Greases 0,4 g for 100ml
Of which saturated fats 0,1 g for 100ml
Dietary fiber 0,3 g for 100ml
Sodium 0 g
Salt 0,3 g for 100ml

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